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กกกกDongtai City Rui An Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is a safety, protection of the enterprise, the company is located in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, Chinese Xinjie Town, now the construction of the new factory building 3000 square meters has been completed, the production and detection of modern equipment has been installed, R & D equipment test and first-class international prospective knowledge team of science and technology has laid a solid foundation for the development and innovation of enterprises. Main fire fighting clothing, fire helmet fire-fighting air respirator, long tube air breathing apparatus, fire entry suit, fire protective clothing, fire fighting clothing, clothing, fire command fire sealed anti chemical clothes, simple anti chemical clothes, fire insulation services, fire protection electric insulation clothing, gloves, fire, fire fire helmet protective boots, rubber boots, high-altitude rescue device, fire rescue cushion, rescue lifting cushion, aluminum alloy three section extension ladder, fire safety, fire safety rope belt, plugging equipment, non sparking tools, firefighters respirator, Mai Chongshui gun, smoke machines, boots, fire rescue tripod, fire pump motor, expander, shear shear expansion clamp equipment.
กกกกLabor protection products by the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center, standard level indicator protection efficiency reach the national industry standard, is the new generation product of respiratory protective equipment update, due to its advantages of simple and reasonable structure, convenient and comfortable use, especially the low cost, the price lower than similar products in developed countries several times, and the quality and protection effect of equivalent, thus breaking the monopoly of developed countries in the field of market situation, to bring the gospel to engaged in dust, toxic work occupation workers.
กกกกFire protection products by the public security fire protection supervision and inspection center, Chinese Classification Society (CCS), the European EC certification. The main products are: full mask, half mask, series of long tube mask, hand cranked siren, long tube respirator, air powered air respirator, positive pressure air breathing, positive pressure protective clothing of the human body, light chemical protective clothing, hand operated air defense alarm, heavy anti chemical clothes, fire insulation services, fireman, fireman protective boots, protective helmet protective clothing for firefighters......
กกกกThe company has always adhere to the "quality first, integrity first, scientific management, scale the heights" principle, strive to develop the production of first-class products, dedicated service to the general user, welcome to all the leaders, distinguished guests to our company to visit, guide.
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